No Outlet ElephantsPlum joyful is dedicated to a holistic and vibrant life with an emphasis on comfort and style. Too often healthy equates to sacrifice in these areas and Plum Joyful’s mission is to show that healthy happy and holistic can be synonymous with comfort, style and pleasure. Here our love of motherhood, design, style, food and travel are combined with our passion and unwavering belief in a healthy balanced and authentic life.




                                  ABOUT ME

161 2I am Mama Plum (MP), and I live in Los Angeles and work in entertainment. Most importantly, I am wife to DP which stands for Daddy Plum, but could also stand for Dopest Papa because he most certainly is,  and mama to the sweetest, juiciest Little Plum (LP) on the planet. They are the loves of my life. Little Plum is my inspiration for this site. I have been dealing with allergies and autoimmune issues most of my life. When I became pregnant, it became my mission to prevent her from having to deal with such things. I was already on a healthy, holistic path for years, but having my daughter took it to a whole other level.  Having a healthy pregnancy, and providing her with the healthiest lifestyle became my number one priority and really upped my game. As someone who is a bit of a hedonist at heart (if it looks good, tastes good, feels good, I’m in), I was frustrated that a lot of the healthy lifestyle advice was austere, sterile, and quite frankly boring. In order to make this lifestyle work for me and my family it has to be beautiful and pleasurable. As it turns out, you don’t have to sacrifice style, fun or pleasure to live a healthy, holistic, vibrant life. Quite the opposite actually. I am no expert, but I am passionate and curious. Here you will find the things I’ve learned along the way, and the things that I continue to learn on my journey. I am so happy to share them with you. Take a look around, I hope what you find here is helpful to you, sparks your passion, and leaves you feeling Plum Joyful.