Let’s get dirty

May 17, 2016

Go eat dirt. No seriously, go eat dirt. We have become a nation of overly sanitized, germ phobic, sterile people and it is harming our health in very serious ways. If you suffer from ANY gut issues ranging from heartburn, GERD or IBS, to more serious conditions like Colitis or Crohn’s disease, then understanding your gut health and the role bacteria plays is absolutely CRITICAL. The same can be said if you suffer from autoimmune disorders, allergies, mood issues such as depression or anxiety, brain fog, headaches or skin issues. Your Gut is the seat of you health. It is the main hub that signals your immune function. We now know that our gut bacteria or microbiome are actually responsible for turning on genes! So for example, if you carry a gene for diabetes, just having the gene does not mean that you will actually get diabetes. There has to be an environmental trigger to activate the gene. Gut bacteria can often be this trigger. If you haven’t read my post on the Gut Microbiome, that would be a great place to start. We are learning more everyday about the role our gut plays in our overall wellbeing, and the research is fascinating. The cleaner we get, the sicker we become. The bacteria that we once consumed on a daily basis through our food, our contact with nature, and just simply day to day living, has been drastically reduced and the result is an unbalanced microbiome that favors the pathogenic bacteria over the good strains that work to keep us healthy. Dr. Robynne Chutkan is a gastroenterologist that is on a mission to redefine the way we look at our gut health. Having faced her own challenges with her infant daughter, she was forced to look beyond her trusted medical community to other sources, and what she found shocked her. She has become an incredible and powerful advocate for nutritional and holistic approaches to healing the gut as opposed to just treating the symptoms. In this video she explains just why we should all live dirty and eat clean. This is a must watch for anyone that wants to improve their health.



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