Four easy Feng Shui tips to improve the energy of your home

October 5, 2016

Feng Shui is the ancient practice of designing your space to improve the flow of energy or Qi (chi) in the home. It is believed that this practice can bring benefits to those who live in the home, such as improved health, wealth and overall wellbeing. I have been practicing Feng Shui for many years now, and I can honestly say that it works. While I can’t prove in any quantifiable way that it brings improved health or wealth, I can say that I’ve found it can dramatically improve the “energy” or feel of the home. You know how some places just feel good when you walk into them? That home has healthy Qi. Conversely when you walk into a home that has bad Qi, you feel restless, uncomfortable, irritated. It isn’t a place you want to stay for very long. The energy of a home is palpable. It is a living, breathing thing that needs to be nurtured and tended too. Luckily there are some very simple, easy Feng Shui tips that will improve the Qi of any space. If your looking for a few fast ways to improve the vibe in your abode, read on!

Easy Feng Shui Tips

1. De-clutter

If Feng Shui was a character in a movie it would be the hero, and clutter would be the villain. From the standpoint of Feng Shui, clutter is majorly disruptive to the energy of a home. It is the fastest way to bring the life-force of your home down. It’s an energy sapper and is the first thing that needs to change if you are trying to improve the energy in your home and life. De-cluttering  frees up space literally and metaphorically, making room for a lighter and easier way of being. Think about anytime you’ve tackled an overstuffed closet or even a junk drawer. Remember how much lighter you felt when it was done? How refreshing it was to open that neat organized closet the next morning? Imagine having that feeling about your entire home? Bliss. So get to clearing the clutter. If you don’t love it, it’s got to go. Make the room for better things to come into your home and your life.

2. Fresh flowers or plants

Fresh flowers and living plants are a great way to increase the Qi in your home. In Feng Shui they are believed to bring healing, luck, and blessings. I don’t think it is a coincidence that we send flowers when someone is in need of healing. Nature has a profound healing effect on the body and the mind. If anything your home will smell fresh, and feel calmer if you add some beautiful plants or flowers.

3. Add a water fountain

In the words of Carly Simon, let the river run…. or a least the table top fountain. In Feng Shui, running water represents flowing Qi and prosperity. One of the most auspicious places for it is at the entrance of your home. Consider a tabletop fountain just inside your front door. This will keep the energy flowing with abundance. Just be sure that the water comes up from the center, or flows TOWARDS the center of the home. Never have a fountain with the water flowing towards the front door. In Feng Shui that is thought to direct Qi away from the home which you never want to do. A water fountain at the front door is thought to increase wealth and luck in the area of your career.

4. Sleep in the power position

The placement of your bed is thought to affect your overall wellbeing in Feng Shui. You should ALWAYS be able to see the bedroom door from the bed. However you should NOT be aligned with the bedroom door. Your bed should be opposite/facing the door but a bit off to one side. This puts you in a position that allows you the best rest and peace of mind. While a lot of Feng Shui sounds a bit woo woo, this piece of advice is actually rooted in practicality. When you can’t see the door from the bed, there is an underlying sense of insecurity. I have felt this in hotels. My sleep is not as deep or peaceful when part of me feels like someone could sneak up from behind me. This is just a product of our wiring. Once upon a time falling asleep in a prone position could be deadly, so we are wired to always position ourselves for optimal safety and survival. Even though we live in a safe environment where we don’t have to worry about predators sneaking up on us while we sleep, our brains have been wired this way for millions of years. Therefore to get the best rest we must sleep in a way that allows our brains to fully shut down instead of remaining partially on alert throughout the night.

Just doing these four things will improve the feel of your home and hopefully your body, mind and spirit as well. At the very least your home will be clean, calm, smelling good, and you will be well rested. It’s a straight up win win.



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