Jade Roller : Your new favorite beauty tool

August 5, 2016

Jade Rollers have been around for a long time. I mean a long time, we’re talking since the 7th century. In China jade is believed to enhance beauty, longevity, emotional wellness, as well as increase the qi (pronounced chi) or life force of the wearer. It has even been said that in Chinese mythology jade is referred to as crystallized moonlight and is the definition of pure. It can purify a persons aura and protect from negative energy. All of that esoteric stuff aside, jade rollers are becoming very popular as a beauty device and actually have some very real benefits. Used in China since the 7th century, they have found their way to America in the last few years. Women (including Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss) swear by them. Why you ask?

Jade Roller Benefits

They are not only a soothing and relaxing facial massage tool, jade rollers actually improve the quality of your skin in the following ways:

  • Lymphatic drainage – Jade rollers help to move the interstitial fluid that gets trapped in your face which results in increased nutrition to the cells, increased circulation and less puffiness.
  • Smoothing fine lines – This is a result of the increased circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Minimizes pores – Jade is a stone known to stay cool. The cool stone being rolled over your skin tightens the pores. You can increase this benefit by keeping the roller in your fridge or even the freezer.
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Detoxifies skin – Also an effect of the lymphatic drainage, which can result in a clearer more radiant complexion.

How to use a Jade Roller

1. First wash and dry your face.

2. Apply your serum or moisturizer, the roller will improve it’s absorption.

3. Roll “outwards and upwards”. Starting at the forehead, roll out towards your temple in ONE direction. Do not roll back and forth.

4. Move under the eye and roll from your inner eye out and up towards your temple.

5. Do your cheeks in the same way, out and up, only rolling in one direction, not back and forth.

6. Roll from your chin, across your jaw line and up towards your temple.

You can also roll upwards on your neck. Some jade rollers, like the one above have only one roller. However many of them have a second smaller roller that is for easy use around the eyes and mouth.

A couple bonus uses for the jade roller include relieving sinus pain and pressure and also headaches!

Jade rollers are gentle enough to use everyday, but you will get results from rolling just two or three times a week.

So what are you waiting for?! Make this ancient ritual a part of your natural beauty routine for glowing, healthy skin.




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