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Last minute easy Halloween costume and decor ideas

October 27, 2016

If you are anything like me than you know what it’s like to be going about your day only to realize that Halloween is four days away and you haven’t figured out your kids costume, let alone your own. And while I did have the foresight to get pumpkins two weeks ago, they sit on our kitchen table uncarved and threatening to go soft like a preteen girl at a One Direction concert. So like the true procrastinator that I am, I have only today begun to kick into real holiday gear and cheer so I can finish out Halloween strong. What I need are easy and affordable ideas that can help me make some spooky magic so the Little Plum can enjoy what I hope will become one of her favorite holidays. I know it was mine growing up. Here is a little accessible inspo for all my fellow procrastinating peeps.

For the kids

Most parents have some grocery bags and construction or tissue paper hanging around. Check out this awesome ands easy DIY hula girl costume from The Gold Jellybean. I love how simple and fun this costume is, and totally recyclable! Woot woot!!!

halloween hula girl

I love this Shark costume from Make it Love it. If you know how to sew and have a simple grey sweat suit and a little extra white and black felt around (again, a pretty common material in a house with kids!), this costume is adorable and will keep your little predator warm, cozy and comfy.


I LOVE this costume of Carl from Up! How sweet is this! If your little dude or ladybug has a cardigan and bow tie hanging around, all you need are a couple of tennis balls and some cheap plastic PVC piping. Or you could just use a stick as a cane and put a tennis ball on the end of it. That ball might be a nice safety precaution when your little one gets hopped up on reeces pieces and starts swinging it around like a light saber.

easy halloween costume ideas

Or how about a little spaghetti and meatballs? If you have some white yarn hanging around check out this tutorial by Pretty Plain Janes. If you don’t have styrofoam balls hanging around, consider just using crumpled up balls of paper and painting them brown, and a red T-shirt can stand in for the sauce.



For the Parents

Sadly Halloween isn’t about you anymore once you have kids. Your costumes are generally an afterthought. However I think it’s awesome when the parents dress up alongside their little ones. It’s fun for the babes, and it’s fun for us too! Yes we have to be the vigilant responsible ones looking both ways while crossing, and monitoring sugar intake, but we also get to re-live Halloween through the eyes of our children and that’s crazy fun! I know it’s not Heidi Klum or Kate Hudson’s famous Halloween bacchanals of yore (if that’s what you were into), but in my opinion it’s actually more fun. We get to go back to the true childlike joy and awe of this amazing holiday. So here are just a couple super easy ideas that won’t take much effort but will still put you in the spirit of this playful night. Pun intended obvi. My husband and I are probably going to do this first one from Say Yes. Black pants,check. Striped shirts, check. Chuck Taylor’s, check. Black winter hats, check. Canvas shopping bags from Whole Foods, check. Black sharpie, check. Black eye masks, check, well one at least. Don’t ask me why I own one but I do. The other we will make out of black fabric or construction paper. So easy.

easy halloween costumes

Also from Say Yes, Camp Counsellors! Um, I say Yes Please! Rock your fave old eighties (if that’s your childhood era)  gym shorts, old T’s, and some dope knee socks. Done and done.


If you have some toilet paper or doilies hanging around you can turn yourself into a Rennaisannce portrait. Check out these amazing portraits using household items by Hendrick Kerstens at 123 Inspiration.

henrik-kerstens-4-1 henrik-kerstens-5-1

I love this Netflix and chill costume. By the way, had no idea that Netflix and chill is code for hook up, did you? I’m getting old. To me Netflix and chill is code for watch Netflix and chill. Anyway, since it is my favorite late night activity, I have an affinity for this costume. Best part is that you can just use a white-out pen on a red T-shirt to create the Netflix shirt, and a black sharpie on a white shirt to create the chill shirt. Or just glue an actual Netflix envelope (if you still get those, in which case your even older than me!) to a T-shirt. No perfection required, the idea comes across and that’s all that matters. Plus you get to be comfy and couch ready for when you get home to watch Netflix and chill.


Easy Decor ideas

Finally something you can do with those janky dull crayon colors like “Flesh” and “Manatee” that your kids want no part of. Check out this awesome, cool and spooky DIY pumpkin decor tutorial from Apartment 34. No carving necessary, just old crayons no one wants and a hairdryer. Genius.



And if you have some balloons and construction paper around try this adorable DIY from Oh Happy Day. They use the giant balloons but I think it would be just as sweet with regular ones. If you have little ones like I do then you know any balloon is basically kid crack.



Have a happy, healthy, safe and AWESOME Halloween!!!




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