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June 10, 2016

This week has been really fun. Hubby came home yesterday from tour, the little juicy Plum is becoming so talkative and comes up with the cutest things that I can hardly stand it. Like the other morning as I was changing her, she said “Good morning diaper, how are you!?” I mean, what? Too cute for words. I’m looking forward to a nice family weekend reconnecting and just hanging out with my favorite two people on earth. Here is a list o’links of things we’ve been digging on the interweb this week.



  1. Flowers make a space more inviting, and I mean SPACE literally!
  2. 7 simple tricks that could actually save your life.
  3. Genius rainy day idea to entertain your little one.
  4. Why you NEED to quit checking your phone before bed!
  5. A workout and therapy session in one? Umm…. I think I need this.
  6. THIS is kind of awesome. Thoughts?
  7. The best reason to reach for the stars.
  8. But only reach for the stars if your truly inspired to do so!
  9. Baby in a box? Kind of genius.
  10. 38 wonderful life lessons learned in 38 years. Numbers 17,19,29,36 and 37 really spoke to me.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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