Podcasts to inspire and uplift: Spring cleaning for the mind

April 25, 2016

As you all know we at Plum Joyful have been focusing on Spring cleaning this month. We have completed the seven day green smoothie challenge, and have continued to add more fruits and vegetables to our diet. We began the process of cleaning out our homes, starting with uncluttering our closets. Now it is time to turn our attention to what just might be the most important area of all. The one in most need of cleaning, but also the most overlooked. The mind. Here are six incredible podcasts to inspire you and support you on your spring cleaning journey.


Podcasts to uplift and inspire

  1. GOOD LIFE PROJECT–  Good Life Project podcast was started by Jonathan Fields, an award-winning author with the goal of helping it’s listeners live a life of joy, connection and meaning. He interviews incredible leaders and teachers who all have profound wisdom and inspiration to share. People like Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love) and Brene Brown (if you haven’t seen her TED TALK on the power of vulnerability, it is a must see.
  2. MAGIC LESSONS– Speaking of Elizabeth Gilbert, she has a podcast that is an extension of the ideas in her latest book Big Magic. This is for anyone who feels they are struggling to live their full creative potential. She offers up philosophy, inspiration, and real time coaching for the guests of her shows, many of whom are women trying to unlock their creative powers while maintaining a work/life balance. The same easy to swallow gentle wisdom that she offered in Eat Pray Love is in abundance here.
  3. ADVENTURES IN HAPPINESS WITH JESSICA ORTNER– This podcast is full of interviews with some of the leaders in the world of Self-help, nutrition, and personal motivation. All of the interviews are upbeat, fun, informative and designed to help you find your bliss and lead your best life.
  4. THE ONE YOU FEED–  This podcast started by Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes is based on a parable about two wolves. There are two wolves, a good and a bad wolf and they are locked in battle. When a young boy/girl asks their grandfather which one will win, the grandfather replies “the one you feed”. This podcast covers everything from spirituality and meditation, to addiction, to motivational wisdom. The host doesn’t shy away from personal anecdotes about his struggles with addiction, and offers up some incredibly honest and inspiring content to help you live a rich and meaningful life. They have incredible interviews with leaders in the fields of spirituality, motivation, philosophy and more.
  5. TED RADIO HOUR– Most of you are familiar with TED TALKS, and if you are a fan then this podcast is for you. It brings together some of the most interesting TED TALK speakers and covers a wide variety of topics. Each show is dedicated to a new topic and we get to hear some of the best minds offer up their wisdom and knowledge on the days subject. This is not a simple rehashing of TED TALKS, but rather blends the TED TALKS with interviews and commentary.
  6. 2 DOPE QUEENS–  Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are best friends and also two of the funniest women in comedy right now. The podcast is a condensed version of a monthly live show they perform at Union Hall in Brooklyn where they invite a bunch of their comedy brethren to come and perform. As two black women in the white male dominated world of comedy, they are breaking down barriers and offering up a voice many of us have been dying to hear. The comedians featured on the podcast are diverse and distinct voices that aren’t always front and center in mainstream comedy. Most importantly this podcast is FUNNY AS HELL. Like pee your pants a little funny. And what’s better for the mind and soul than that?

So let’s spend some of our free time this week listening to something that will uplift and inspire us, or at the very least make us laugh so hard we pee ourselves.


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