Wanderlust Wednesday: Casa Cook

July 19, 2016

Mid-summer nights are upon us and my wanderlust is in full swing. Casa Cook is in Rhodes, Greece. It is the largest of the twelve Dodecanese islands on the Aegean’s eastern edge. Rhodes has traditional Greek architecture and beautiful cobblestone streets. It is considered the sunniest corner of Greece and has a longer summer than other parts of Greece so the tourist season lasts well into November. I had the great joy of going to Greece when I was a kid, and remember being mesmerized by the bright whitewashed plaster buildings against the blue sky and sea, and I have wanted to get back there ever since. While travel isn’t an option this summer, a girl can still dream. When I came across Casa Cook I knew I had one more place to add to my travel bucket list. Casa Cook is a boutique hotel nestled against the Kolymbia hillside. Check out this gorgeous hotel, and tell me it doesn’t make you want to hop a plane to Greece ASAP.


The decor is decidedly Bohemian and I pretty much want to redecorate my whole house to look like this.




RHOCOOK1101_2_30 64890978

I really like to feature hotels that are eco-friendly and offer something unique in terms of health and wellness. This hotel is not an eco-resort but it does source it’s food from local farmers, grows all it’s herbs on site, and offers wellness activities such as yoga and guided hikes through the Kolyimba hills.


Casa Cook

If you don’t feel like being active, all the rooms open up onto the pool so you can swim and lay around all day.



Hope this inspires your own wanderlust. Nothing like a little travel porn on humpday….. that sounds way dirtier than I intended but I’m sticking with it.





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