Wanderlust Wednesday: Misool Eco Resort

June 8, 2016

It’s humpday y’all and I’m in need of some mid-week inspiration to keep me going strong. I have been getting the travel bug in a big way lately. I haven’t done any traveling since I was eight months pregnant, and even then it was just a road trip (albeit a spectacular one to Big Sur). I’m craving a real deal exotic adventure. I want to bask in the sun, float in crystal waters, and stuff my face with tropical fruits. Alas, that kind of gorgeous travel is not in my budget right now. So I will just dream about it and plan for a future trip down the line. I also want to really highlight eco-resorts and hotels that are acting sustainably and working to protect the environment. I thought I would share what I found here because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little travel porn? So with that, here is my very first Wanderlust Wednesday post featuring the spectacular Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

This resort was conceived and created by divers who had a love of the region and wanted to protect the highly poached waters by creating a “No-take” zone. The resort sits on a Conservation site where no netting or fishing is allowed in order to preserve the rich ecosystem. There are 25 world-class dive sites within a 15 mile radius of the resort. In fact the IMAX film Journey to the South Pacific was filmed at the eco resort and it’s amazing dive sites.

misool eco resortwanderlust

The resort was built out of 100% reclaimed typical hardwoods. They  get the Plum Joyful seal of approval because they use finishes such as Teak oil as opposed to varnishes and chemical sealants. If you read THIS post you know why that is so important. They also only clean with natural products like vinegar, borax and baking soda further reducing exposure to toxic chemicals for both the environment and their guests, which you know we LOVE. They use a wind turbine and solar panels, and are in the process of expanding their garden and orchard to provide most of the food for their patrons. Of course they garden organically and use no chemical fertilizers of pesticides. They use low energy appliances such as air conditioners to save energy. The accommodations are simple yet elegant. Healthy, sustainable and beautiful. The Plum Joyful mantra. I’m in.misool ecomisool ecomisool ecomisool eco resort

I’m sorry, but who doesn’t love an outdoor shower let alone entire bathroom! Hopefully I have brightened your day and inspired your wanderlust a bit. See you there?



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