Gift guide: Healthy fun gifts for your toddler

December 8, 2016

The Holidays are in full swing and the media is inundating us with gift ideas. But most of the gifts for children are plastic and made in China with known toxic materials. Not to mention they will most likely end up in a landfill at some point in the near future where they will add to the environmental burden of our planet. There are so many awesome gifts out there that are not only healthier choices for your little ones, but are also things you will keep and pass on when your child grows out of it. As the mom of a toddler, I wanted to share the gifts that I found. Most are suitable for kids five and under. So instead of getting yet another Barbie or plastic toy with a million flashing lights and batteries, think about one of these chic and timeless options.

Manufaktur Wiener
Kids’ Musical Instrument Gift Set


Manufaktur Wiener Kids’ Musical Instrument Gift Set is a little on the pricey side, but this is a gift that your little one will absolutely love, and will also stand the test of time.  My Little Plum is obsessed with music and instruments and these are ones she can use for many years to come. Made in Germany, with impeccable craftsmanship, these wonderful musical instruments come in a beautiful red box, so no wrapping needed. Bonus!

Human Anatomy Nesting Figures


I love these Human Anatomy Nesting Figures from The Museum of Modern Art. I had Russian nesting dolls when I was little, and I remember absolutely loving them. I love the fresh educational take on this classic. Help your little one to learn about their anatomy while they play, as well as work on their dexterity and puzzle/problem solving skills.

Amachan Bubble Wand


If your little one is as obsessed with bubbles as mine is, then The Amachan Bubble Wand is a must have. Anyone with a toddler knows the power of bubbles, and also how many little plastic bottles and wands we’ve thrown out over the years. More than we are proud of. Made with Beechwood and stainless steel, all you will need is some dish soap and water. This is the last bubble toy you will ever need to buy, and the candy colored wands are ridiculously cute.

Manzanita Kids Counting Numbers


Manzanita Kids Counting Number blocks are so great. Made of solid wood and a jojoba and beeswax finish, they are not only non-toxic and environmentally friendly, they are also safe enough for teething babies to chew on. These incredible blocks take learning one step further by etching the hand symbols for each number onto the block helping your little one learn how to count on their fingers. They are handmade with love and ship in a cotton bag with biodegradable shipping materials. This is the kind of gift you will keep and hand down for generations.

The Doll Kind: Huggable kindness dolls



This is my FAVORITE toy on this list. I love the spirit behind these dolls. Per their website, The huggable kindness dolls “come along with a “kindness kit”. Each kit includes 10 tokens with special phrases on them to show gratitude, love, and kindness. These tokens are meant for children to give out as acts of kindness. Also in the kit is a list of acts of kindness to inspire your child to get started sharing and giving their tokens. The doll has a secret pocket on the back to store a token.” In addition to this, for each doll purchased, a doll will be donated to a child less fortunate. Donation sites include hospitals, shelters and orphanages in the U.S and around the world. This doll represents the true spirit of the Holidays, and I think makes a perfect gift for any child, boy or girl (they have boy dolls as well).

Burt’s Bees Organic Family Pajamas


Last but not least, cozy up in some warm Holiday matching jams for the whole family. I was never a matching pajama kind of person until I had a kid. Now I totally get those dorky christmas cards with the whole family in reindeer onsies. Corny but also super sweet in a way. I want me and mine to snuggle up in some soft organic PJ’s on Christmas morning so these are on my list.

That’s it for now, but time permitting, I will hopefully have more gift guides coming up. Stay warm out there and happy holiday hunting!



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